Is Dry January “boring”?

Some people I met at university would argue that a dry Friday is boring, nevermind a whole month. Drinking in the UK, especially at uni, is a huge part of our social culture. For many of us, when we drink, we drink beyond our limits and think nothing of it. It's easy to get caught... Continue Reading →


2017 Recap/Top 5

2017's ups and downs have been unbelievably polarised. I could write about the many highs and lows, but I think it'd be nice to just talk about some of my favourite memories: I cut my hair! This seems so trivial, but my hair had been very very long for many years, and it was my... Continue Reading →

How to be Happy

My first tumblr account was not a happy place to be. I was 14 and impressionable, and the impression it left on me was dark and miserable. When I realised this, I deleted it, and to fill its gap I created a place dedicated to laughter and happiness. Today, my tumblr has an audience I... Continue Reading →

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